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Hoya Lenses



 Hoya lenses have achieved worldwide fame for the complete range of products they offer   and have rapidly become a one-stop-shop for many optical enthusiasts. Not surprisingly, we believe they are number one. But don't just take our word for it, they  were recently voted Optical Supplier of the Year 2011 by the Opticians industry at the Optician awards.

 Hoya has a production plant in Wrexham, North Wales. This plant supplies the UK market  with spectacle lenses tailored to individual customer needs.  Hoya encourages openness,  creativity and promotes learning through continuous improvement in a friendly, safe and  clean working environment. This powerful mission has resulted in massive growth from the  initial set up of a prescription lens laboratory to a prescription glass coating facility and  a state of the art glazing facility.

Hoya lenses supply a range of high quality products including both plastic and glass  lenses. They manufacture and supply ophthalmic lenses for Opticians located within the UK  and Ireland, and have a wide range of lenses in single vision, bifocal and varifocals designs.  All designs are available in different lens thickness (compressed lenses), with  different coating options catering for a variety of budgets and lifestyles while at the same  time  not compromising on cosmetic and optical requirements.

 Hoya creates the very latest lens designs and applies them to the very best thin and durable lens materials. They then enhance visual comfort even further with the addition of their world renowned super Anti-Glare coatings. 

In recent years, Hoya has carried out a great deal of research into perfecting progressive (varifocals) lenses. The latest developments concentrate on increasing the stability and focus of their lenses in all directions. Their transmission-based design technology, for instance, allows natural sight to be organically simulated. 

The best example of the latest generation progressive design technology is Hoya's freeform range of varifocal lenses. The optimum progressive design choice for customers who require the very best in Freeform Technology and this is designed to promote the wearer’s mobility and react to the natural behaviour of the eyes. It provides balanced correction at all distances and in all directions. 

No matter what correction power you need you can be sure that a modern progressive lens from Hoya will allow you to see clearly and enjoy the view! The quality of a lens material can only be proven in combination with its treatments. Hoya is a world leader in the application of the highest quality lens coatings.

Hoya single vision lenses also feature a single central radius on the front surface and, depending on the prescription, different radii on the back surface. This offers clear, sharp vision at distance or reading.

Hoya's Anti-Glare coating is a treatment applied to lenses to eliminate surface reflections therefore enhancing the appearance of your lenses. The Anti-Glare layer also allows more light to pass through the lens ensuring an improved quality of vision. Finally, the smoothness of the top layer makes the Hoya lenses much easier to clean.

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